17th - 20th September 2019 - Seminars - Computational Geometry and Algorithms for PDEs and Point Clouds: Professor Hongkai Zhao (University of California)


Title: Computational Geometry and Algorithms for PDEs and Point Clouds.

Abstract: Point clouds are the most natural and ubiquitous way of representing geometry and data in 3D and higher. Unlike images, which typically have a canonical form of representation as functions defined on a uniform grid in a rectangular domain, surfaces and manifolds in 3D and higher have more complicated geometrical structures and do not have a canonical or natural form of representation or global parametrization. Moreover, their embeddings in the ambient space are not intrinsic.

In these lectures, intrinsic geometry and PDE based models and numerical algorithms for point clouds will be presented for geometric understanding, processing and shape analysis.

This five-part series will run daily:

Tuesday 17: 10:30-12:30 - Mathematics: Room 106

Wednesday 18: 10:30-12:30 - Central Teaching Hub: Lecture Theatre D

Wednesday 18: 14:30-16:00 - Central Teaching Hub: Lecture Theatre C 

Thursday 19: 10:30-12:30 - Central Teaching Hub: Lecture Theatre D 

Friday 20: 14:00-16:00 - Central Teaching Hub: Lecture Theatre D


Professor Hongkai Zhao is Chancellor's Professor at the University of California.