20th anniversary celebrations kick start with Staff Awards Ceremony

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20th anniversary celebrations kick start with Staff Awards Ceremony

The Management School has kick started its 20th anniversary celebrations with a fantastic ceremony that gathered staff members from all its departments.

During the event the School’s Dean, Professor Julia Balogun, welcomed the new staff members and thanked the team for their invaluable efforts during the past two decades.

The ceremony, was also an opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding work of several members of staff, with 30 awards given to academic and professional services staff.

“This is the first time since COVID-19 that we’ve been able to make these awards”, said Professor Balogun.

“Our academics and professional services team have undergone huge changes in that time, but they have demonstrated enormous flexibility and creativity in responding to the fast-changing environment that we’ve experienced since March 2020.

“I would like to thank you all for ensuring we continued to support both staff and students to the highest possible level.”

Academic staff across the School’s six subject groups were recognised in the categories of teaching and research, with awards for the contribution of ‘early career’ and ‘established’ members in each category.

In the ‘Making a Difference’ category, professional services staff Matt Ashton and Bekah Hughes were awarded for their outstanding contribution during the past academic year, epitomising the School’s vision and core values.

Alongside them, the ‘Making a Difference Award’ went to Tom Lloyd, as an ‘unsung hero’ who makes a difference to his colleagues and students in ways that are less apparent and “is committed to helping others without making a big deal of it,” as he was described by one of his nominators.

A final round of special awards was given to Professor Yves Guillaume for ‘Subject Group Head Extraordinaire’, Professor Liz Crolley for ‘First Rate Associate Dean Undergraduate and QAA Guru’, and Dr Bethan Jones-Davies for ‘Liverpool Accreditation Guru’.

ULMS 20th Anniversary - Staff Awards Ceremony

Academic Awards 2021/2022


Early Career Teaching Award – Yigit Oezcelik

Established Teaching Award – Dr Valeria Andreoni

Early Career Research Award – Dr Yavuz Arslan

Established Research Award – Dr Ian Burn

Finance and Accounting

Early Career Teaching Award – Adam Deller

Established Teaching Award – Nick Drape

Early Career Research Award – Dr Sushil Sainani

Established Research Award – Dr Chardin Wese Simen


Early Career Teaching Award – Dr Severina Cartwright

Established Teaching Award – Dr David Cockayne

Early Career Research Award – Dr Miriam Guenther and Dr Peter Guenther

Established Research Award – Dr Rachel Ashman

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Early Career Teaching Award – Dr Cagatay Iris

Established Teaching Award – Dr Hossein Sharifi

Early Career Research Award – Dr Eunice Guo

Established Research Award – Dr Dong Li

Strategy, International Business and Entrepreneurship

Early Career Teaching Award – Dr Aparna Venugopal

Established Teaching Award – Dr Paul Ellwood

Early Career Research Award – Dr Andreas Procopiou

Established Research Award – Dr Carola Wolf

Work, Organisation and Management

Early Career Teaching Award – Dr Leighann Spencer

Established Teaching Award – Dr Jason MacVaugh

Early Career Research Award – Dr Yihan Liu

Established Research Award – Dr Samah Shaffakat


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