Photo of Dr Andreas Procopiou

Dr Andreas Procopiou

Lecturer in Strategic Management Strategy, IB and Entrepreneurship


    Personal Statement

    Andreas Procopiou is a Lecturer in Strategic Management at University of Liverpool Management School. He has joined the Management School in September 2019. He holds a PhD in Machining Learning from the University of Sheffield and a PhD in Management from the Cyprus University of Technology. His research interests lie in the areas of corporate governance, resource-based theories, top management teams’ strategic decisions, behavioural strategy, quantitative research methods, and information systems. His research has been published in refereed international journals such as the British Journal of Management and the European Management Review and presented in world-leading academic conferences such as the European Academy of Management, among others.

    Andreas's current project examines corporate communication by CEOs during quarterly earnings calls. This research project has been greatly facilitated by the cooperation of Finnhub Stock API, which has graciously made available all transcript files used in our analyses.