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Dr Hossein Sharifi BSc., MSc, PhD

Reader in Operations and Supply Chain Management Operations and Supply Chain Management


    Personal Statement

    I completed my PhD in Industrial Management at the University of Liverpool, following several years of working experience in high tech industry. My focal area of research was the subject of Agile Manufacturing and Systems that led to a number of highly referenced publications and direct contribution to the formation of EU funded Agility Centre in Liverpool. This research has been extended to other areas including supply chain management, Organisational Agility, and Human Resource Agility.
    The agility theme in my research works as a platform which provides new lead thoughts for answering emerging challenges in organisations of any kind and mission. As a strategic orientation, agility is the reflection of developing and operationalising organisational dynamic capabilities for achieving competitiveness in response to the business environment the organisation faces. As such I look at all aspects that play a key role in enabling the organisation through dynamic capabilities including application of ICT. I have therefore led research into a number of areas including SMEs sustainable growth (Knowing-Doing theory), e-Government theories and strategies, innovation and knowledge (exchange) management [for this I led a research, as a grant holder, in the multi-university EPSRC Grand Challenge research project of Innovation and Productivity]. The role of emergent Industry 4.0 and 5.0 is now also a subject of interest in this context, on which I have been undertaking some major works on the use of technologies such as Blockchain, tokenisation (NFT) and tracer/IoT/AI in managing organisational transformation to new modes of strategic orientations such as sustainability and servitisation.
    To equip strategic thinking research with required tools and technologies I have also been looking at new solutions for understanding and modelling Complexity with particular focus on supply chain. In addressing this aspect, I have been pursuing further aspects critical to organisations including strategic risk management and resilience of organisations. I have become very interested in the question of what becomes of the existing underlining theories and concepts, we have been using to explain organisations performance, if the context is shifted to to "change", "uncertainty" and "complexity" as the norm.
    My research has involved engaging with organisations and industry at various capacities. Working with central government and local councils, 10s of SMEs, large manufacturing companies, Oil and Gas sector, and also close collaboration with leading UK and European Universities and professional associations (e.g. AURIL) have been instrumental in this process.
    I have supervised several PhD candidates successfully, and would welcome applications from strong and motivated candidates.

    Prizes or Honours

    • Higly Commended paper Award (Emerald Publications, 2001)