Photo of Dr Dong Li

Dr Dong Li PhD

Reader in Operations and Supply Chain Management Operations and Supply Chain Management


    Personal Statement

    Dong is a Reader working for Operations and Marketing Department. He was awarded PhD degree by University of Nottingham in 1999. He worked as a Research Fellow in University of Leeds. His present research is mainly in food supply chain innovation, Green logistics and supply chain optimisation. He is the grants holder for research funded by UK EPSRC for collaborative research on logistics innovation; by EU FP7 on integrated container supply chain management; by UK TSB on local food logistics systems; by EU ERDF on green packaging supply chains; And also a co-investigator of EU FP7 project on resilient supply networks and China NSFC funded Key Project on urban logistics systems.
    Dong’s research has been published extensively in high-ranking international journals. He is a member of Editorial Boards of several international journals and Leading Guest Editor of special issues of a number of international journals such as Production Economics. He was a assessment board member of a food supply chain research programme of Canadian Department of Environment and Agriculture, a Policy Advisory Group member for European project WeastFlows on sustainable transportation, Dong has been working closely with industries, including Peel Ports, Liverpool Produce Terminal, Food Northwest, Sainsbury’s Supper Markets, Weir & Carmichael Ltd and Graham Oakes Ltd, etc on food supply chain innovation, food waste reduction, global green supply chains, green packaging supply chains and local food logistics solutions, etc.
    Dong has been the primary supervisor of a team of PhD students funded by EPSRC, ERDF and other research sponsors. He has extensively examined PhD candidates for Universities in the UK and EU.

    Prizes or Honours

    • Knowledge Exchange Voucher Award (Univesity of Liverpool, 2011)
    • EPSRC Grant, Primary Investigator (EPSRC, 2010)
    • EU FP7 Research Grant, Investigator (EU FP7, 2009)
    • KTP Project Grant (TSB, Suttons, EPSRC, 2009)
    • KTP Project Grant (TSB, NSG, EPSRC , 2008)
    • University Research Award (University of Liverpool, 2003)

    Other Personal Distinctions

    • Managing Guest Editor of Special Issue of International Journal of Production Economics (International Journal of Production Economics, 2012)
    • Chairing of Conference (EPSRC, University of Liverpool, 2010)