Photo of Dr Jason MacVaugh

Dr Jason MacVaugh

Director of Studies, BA Business Management, Senior Lecturer in Management Work, Organisation and Management


    Personal Statement

    I'm Dr Jason MacVaugh, an International Academic, with a passion for improving the Student Experience. I join the University of Liverpool after a long and winding career that took me from the UK to Japan and back again twice! If you've worked or lived in multiple countries let's have coffee and share stories some time.

    My research is multifaceted, but has several major streams: Comparative Human Resource Management, Knowledge and Innovation Management, Internationalisation, and Higher Education Pedagogy and Practice. I enjoy collaborative projects, so if you are looking for a research partner in these areas please let me know.

    In my teaching I follow the principles of Active Learning, with a strong bias for Problem-based Learning. This is because, in my experience, Active Learning is the best possible basis for inclusivity as it engenders engagement independent of the learner's educational background. I have an interest in supporting other academics who are seeking HEA recognition, including those who seek a National Teaching Fellowship. Please feel free to get in touch.