About us

For over 25 years, the Liverpool Centre for Global Health Research (LCGHR) has been a beacon of global health excellence.

Initially funded by Wellcome, we collaborated with leading institutions to support impactful research in resource-poor settings.

Today, LCGHR is a collaboration between the University of Liverpool and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and thrives with two primary functions:

1. Nurturing Future Leaders

LCGHR's focus is on the Liverpool Clinical PhD Programme (LCPP), a partnership between the University of Liverpool and LSTM. Each year, four exceptional PhD candidates embark on a 3-year fellowship, based at an LMIC partner of their choice, often at the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome (MLW) programme. Our Directorate and Steering Group oversees candidate recruitment and progress, ensuring a rich mentorship experience.

2. Facilitating Global Research

LCGHR continues to be a vital logistics hub for global health research. We offer procurement and shipping services, including regular ambient, perishable/hazardous, and ad-hoc IT shipments to MLW, maintaining a seamless supply chain. Our support extends beyond MLW, helping projects in resource-limited settings worldwide. Additionally, we provide ad-hoc administrative support to projects and PIs without dedicated assistance.

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