Steering group

Our steering group guides the strategic direction of the PhD Programme and oversees the progress of recruitment of candidates, matching of fellows with appropriate supervisors, and the balance of fellows between supervisors.

Fiona Rowe

Professor Fiona Rowe


Henry Mwandumba

Professor Henry Mwandumba

Infectious Diseases

Tracey Mills

Dr Tracey Mills


Matthew Baylis

Professor Matthew Baylis

One Health / Vector Borne Disease

Siobhan Mor

Dr Siobhan Mor

One Health / Zoonoses

David Lalloo

Professor David Lalloo

Infectious Diseases / Snakebite

Naomi Walker

Dr Naomi Walker

Tuberculosis / Infectious Diseases

Kondwani Jambo

Dr Kondwani Jambo

Infectious Diseases / HIV

Alison Holmes

Professor Alison Holmes

Infectious Diseases / AMR

Esmita Charani

Dr Esmita Charani

Infectious Diseases / AMR

Stacy Todd

Dr Stacy Todd

Infectious Diseases / AMR / Sepsis

David Lissauer

Professor David Lissauer

Maternal and Fetal Health

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