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Veterinary Pathobiology Group

We are working to better understand the host-pathogen interactions and pathogenesis of a number of animal infectious diseases to enable disease control.

Our studies include molecular epidemiology, bacteriology, pathology, immunology, host inflammatory responses, cell surface protein characterisations, phylogeny, taxonomy and vaccine studies. 

Our research interests focus on important pathogenic spirochetes Treponema and Leptospira, investigating spirochete survival, transmission and how the bacteria cause damage to their host during disease.

Learn more about our Research projects. If you are interested in undertaking a PhD in any of these areas, please contact Nick Evans.


Professor Nicholas Evans Principal Investigator
Stuart Carter Emeritus Professor
Gareth Staton Postdoctoral Research Associate
Amy Gillespie PhD Student
Hayley Crosby-Durrani PhD Student
Rachel Ridgway PhD Student

Former group members

Simon Clegg (PDRA), Stuart Ainsworth (PDRA), Joseph Angell (PhD, PDRA), Intan Noor Aina Kamaruzaman (PhD), Gareth Staton (PhD), Kerry Newbrook (PhD), Jennifer Bell (PhD), Leigh Sullivan (PhD), Rachel Scholey (PhD)

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