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THe HORN project is well and truly underway - 3 project managers, 1 adminstrator and 5 postdocs rand a permanent staff member recruited.  Lots of effort going into getting collaborative agreements finalised, postdoc projects started and the first sandpit arranged



The HORN project (One Health Regional Network in the Horn of Africa) start on October 1st 2017.  More recruitment is planned.

Congratulations to Jess Stokes and Gail Chapman who both got their PhDs in 2017!



Mega-congratulations to Georgette Kluiters on the award of a BBSRC Future Leader Fellowship!



A 4 year postdoctoral post, looking at the vector competence of UK mosquitoes for dengue and Chikungunya viruses, is now available. Funded by the Health Protection Research Unit in Emerging and Zoonotic Infections


2 PhDs advertised

One looking at arboviruses carried by Culex mosquitoes in Western Kenya (supervisors Eric Fèvre (Liverpool/ILRI), Steve Lindsay (Newcastle) and Matthew Baylis Lliverpool):

and one looking at endosymbionts of Culicoides (supervisors Matthew Baylis (Liverpool), Steve Lindsay (Newcastle) and Greg Hurst (Liverpool):



If you would like to access the Emerging Infectious Diseases database (EID2) online, please use the following link:

You can register for a username by contacting Maya Wardeh:



Congratulations to Kathy Kreppel on publication of her magnificent paper on plague and climate in Madagscar.

Find the article here:


Publiciity for the paper:

Our first Ebola paper:

Publicity for the paper:

Congratulations to Lucy Mackenzie-Impoinvil and Daniel Impoinvil on publication of the first (ever?) paper to show that UK mosquitoes can transmit flaviviruses of humans. Read it here:

  • 25 May 2012 - Jen's paper came out in Nature Communications and has got considerable publicity: 

    Radio 4, Farming Today (3mins, 30 secs); 24 May 2012

    Professor Diana Williams talks about spread of bovine TB:


    Nature; 23 May 2012

    Bovine TB disguised by liver fluke:


    Farmers Weekly; 23 May 2012

    Liver fluke may reduce bovine TB detection


    Farmers Guardian; 23 May 2012

    Defra dismisses claims over liver fluke role in spreading TB

    (see also letter from Caroline Spelman published in The Sunday Times, 3/6/2012, with response by Baylis)


    BBC News; 22 May 2012

    Parasite may help cattle TB spread:

  • 13th May 2012 - congratulations to Helene Guis and Samuel on the birth of their first child, Margot.
  • Out at last - Jo's model for the spread of bluetongue among farms in England. The only model we know of which includes explicit cattle movements, explicit sheep movements, and vector dispersal. See 'papers' for reference.
  • Congratulations to Dr Kathy Kreppel!
    On 15th November 2011 Kathy sucessfully defending her PhD thesis "The effects of climate on the epidemiology of plague in Madagascar". Kathy is now at Ifakara in Tanzania, embarking on a 5 year postdoc on malaria.
  • Lucinda paper highlighted in European Commission's Science for Environment Policy alert
    The 2011 Guis et al paper, which models the effects of climate change on the risk of bluetongue, has been selected, summarised and disseminated by the Science for Environment Policy news alert of the European Commission's DG Environment.
  • Local A Level student "highly commended" at the final of the National Science and Engineering Competition
    Isobel Routledge, from Wirral Grammar School for Girls, spent eight weeks in the summer with the LUCINDA Group under a Nuffield Bursary developing her competition project: The Effects of Fluctuating Temperature on the Development of Aedes aegypti L. and Culex pipiens pipiens L. Mosquito Species, with Daniel Impoinvil. The final was recently held in London and Isobel did really well, being 'highly commended' in the intermediate age category of the core prizes science/maths stream. She also won the Disciplinary Prize for the Research Councils UK Prize for the best use of research. In addition to a cash prize, Isobel won an experience prize, which will be a behind-the-scenes visit to one of the Research Council UK’s prestigious research laboratories. Congratulations to Isobel on her fantastic achievement and we wish her all the best in her chosen career. For the full results and details of the competition visit: 
    National Science and Engineering Competition
  • Science of Climate Change Briefing is now live
    The webcast of the recent Science of Climate Change Briefing is now live. Slides relating to some of the presentations are also available to download.This joint initiative from the University of Liverpool and the National Oceanography Centre welcomed guest speakers: Professor Sir David King, Chancellor of the University of Liverpool, Director of the Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment and the UK Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor and Head of the Government office of Science from 2000-7; Lawrence McGinty, Health and Science Editor ITN News; Andrew Miller MP,Chair of the Science and Technology Select Committee. The briefing also included four presentations from University of Liverpool and NOC climate researchers.
    To watch online visit:
    For further details, plus useful links visit:

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