Impact study

Foot Trimming Hygiene: impact of knowledge exchange.

Our current research suggests that foot trimming may be an important control point for preventing the spread of digital dermatitis.

In 2019, we ran a questionnaire to collect information about common hygiene practices carried out during foot trimming. Since then, we have produced a protocol for improved hygiene during foot trimming. 

After the development of this foot-trimming hygiene protocol and a comprehensive knowledge exchange programme by the University of Liverpool, a second survey was released in 2020 to measure the impact of the knowledge exchange programme on the awareness of the infection risk associated with foot trimming as well as any subsequent changes made to foot trimming practice. 

The results of this second survey have now been analysed and can be found in our paper: 'Measuring the impact of bovine digital dermatitis research on knowledge and practice of biosecurity during cattle foot-trimming'. 

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