Our funders include Action Medical Research, BMA, BBSRC, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, JPIAMR, Horizon 2020 European Commission, Innovate UK, Meningitis now, MRC, NIH and Wellcome Trust.

Cystic Fibrosis Trust. 2021-2025 An evidence-based preclinical framework for the development of antimicrobial therapeutics in cystic fibrosis
Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme. 2021-2025 Inhalable Aerosol Light Source for Controlling Drug Resistant Bacterial Lung Infections

BBSRC Project Grant. 2021 – 2024   Does CRISPR-Cas immunity limit the effectiveness of phage therapy? 
NIH SF 424 (R&R) Grant. 2021 - 2023   Biofilm disrupting antibody to treat respiratory infections  
BBSRC Project Grant. 2021-2022   In Vitro Organ Imaging Device (IV-OID) with integrated Biosensing and Real-Time Imaging Capability: Proof-of-Principle using a Human Placental Model 
Innovate UK. 2020-2022 SPOR-COV: Prophylaxis of COVID-19 using Innate Immunity 
MRC Programme Grant. 2017–2022   The role of immune tolerance and regulation in pneumococcal carriage and invasive disease.
British Medical Association Foundation. 2019-2022 Immune profiling and high-throughput taxonomic analysis of the nasopharyngeal microbiota of infants presenting with acute viral respiratory tract infection

Bacterial Pathogenesis and Immunity Group funders

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