Schedule of ceremonies

Find out when your ceremony is taking place in the table below, as well as when registration opens and closes.

You will be able to book your tickets at least a month before your ceremony is due to take place. As in normal years, graduates will be able to invite two guests to your ceremony.

Take a look at what you need to do before your graduation day, including how to order your gown, hood and mortarboard from the University of Liverpool's official robe-makers.

The graduation portal will open for registrations from Tuesday 25 October 2022 at the time next to your graduation ceremony in the table below.

The portal will close on Tuesday 15 November 2022.

DateTimeLocationFacultySchoolRegistration opening time
Monday 5 December 2022 9.30am Philharmonic Hall Health and Life Sciences   9am
Monday 5 December 2022 1pm Philharmonic Hall Humanities and Social Sciences Management School (Cluster 1) 10am
Monday 5 December 2022 4pm Philharmonic Hall Science and Engineering   11am
Tuesday 6 December 2022 10.30am Philharmonic Hall Humanities and Social Sciences Arts
Management School (Cluster 2)
Friday 9 December 2022 10.30am Tung Auditorium Humanities and Social Sciences Law and Social Justice 1pm
Friday 9 December 2022 2.30pm Tung Auditorium Humanities and Social Sciences Histories, Languages and Cultures 2pm


Management School

Cluster 1Cluster 2
Master in Management PhD
Master of Business Administration MSc Accounting and Finance
MBA Football Industries MSc Economics
MBA Thoroughbred Horseracing Industries MSc Finance
MSc Business Analytics and Big Data MSc Finance and Investment Management
MSc Digital Business Enterprise Management MSc Financial Technology
MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management MSc Marketing
MSc Human Resource Management MSc Occupational and Organisational Psychology
MSc International Business MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management
MSc Project Management BA Accounting and Finance
MSc Sports Business and Management BA Business Economics
BA Business Management BA Economics
DPS Football Management  BA Marketing
  BSc Finance

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