Research conducted by the EATC4Children


EATC4Children are actively involved with national and international efforts aimed at driving forward the development of new and innovative treatments for children with arthritis and related musculoskeletal conditions.

Through collaboration, we aim to bridge the gap between laboratory research and practical applications for improving the health and wellbeing of children. We focus on identifying biomarkers, new treatment targets, and repurposing adult treatments for first time use in childhood diseases.

Research Focus:

  1. Novel therapies: we are identifying and developing new and innovative treatments through strategic partnerships with adult-based research groups.
  2. Early phase trials: we conduct early-phase clinical trials in multiple disease areas as part of Paediatric Investigation Plans. We also work on validating diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers so that they can be used in future clinical trials.
  3. Experimental medicine/preclinical studies: using preliminary data we conduct in vitro studies to test new therapies, treatments, or interventions. This includes the development of prognostic biomarkers.

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