Our research

The School of Dentistry sits with the Institute of Life Course and Medical Sciences, in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. Working in such a structure allows us to collaborate bringing the range of skills and knowledge from across the faculty to aid in the production of high quality and diverse research.

The celebrated research scientists and clinicians who work at the School of Dentistry are focused on translating their research findings to improve patient care and raise educational standards.

We're delivering outcomes that make a real impact, particularly in addressing local, oral health inequalities. By bringing together life scientists, clinical researchers, engineers, computer scientists and statisticians we create much larger data sets and deliver greater outcomes towards healthy living and ageing.

The School of Dentistry research strategy has been composed to provide guidance and direction to our research projects, and collaborations with internal and external institutions. You can read the 2022 School of Dentistry research strategy here.

Our research is focused around three key areas. 

Dental innovation

The dental innovation research group strives to improve patient treatment outcomes by integrating biomedical science, advanced materials and dental procedures through engaging with patients, and collaborating with scientists, engineers and industry professionals. Their researh includes development and iterative testing of clinical workflows, investigating the Cell-Material interactions for regenerative procedures and aiming to develop digital platforms that help dental clinicians and patients inform the decision-making process. Other research areas include the synthesis of evidence based practice to enhance the survival of teeth and inform clinical practice guidelines and randomised control trials to investigate the efficacy of innovative intervention in the management of dental diseases in primary and secondary care settings. 

Healthcare education research and scholarship

The school of dentistry aims to support high quality educational delivery through a strong and supportive community of practice, as well as innovate through the scholarship of teaching and learning.To realise these aims the school fosters scholarly teaching (evidence based practice) through staff development and support in evidence-based practice, support and opportunity to undertake ULTRA and encouraging staff to undertake a Masters in Academic Practice. 

Oral Health

Our interdisciplinary research group comprises dedicated researchers from various fields, uniting the expertise of clinical dentistry, health psychology, and biostatistics. Together, we are committed to advancing oral health research through collaborative and person-focused research, with a primary goal of enhancing health outcomes and addressing health inequalities.One of our strengths is engaging with our patients in many ways, as a group we strive to involve the local communities in our research from its inception to dissemination and implementation. 

Our research

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