The schools form an essential part of the PhD students’ training in the LIV.INNO centre.

The schools provide additional skills to support their research, help them make industry placements a success and provide advice concerning possible career pathways in both, academia and industry.

Topics of these schools include:

  • data science and technology;
  • Monte Carlo simulations;
  • research skills and techniques;
  • project management, communication and presentation skills;
  • career management, CV writing, interview techniques;
  • proposal preparation and entrepreneurship.

Training involves events organised by LIV.INNO and international partners.


LIV.INNO/EuPRAXIA-DN Introductory Skills School and Media Training

13-17 November 2023, Liverpool/Manchester, UK


LIV.INNO Introductory Skills School

3-6 April 2023, Liverpool, UK

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