Data science forums

The data science forums offer our LIV.INNO students the opportunity to ask questions, seek advice and network with data scientists working in industry.

Experts in data science share insights and best practices, talk about their experiences, and lead discussions on what working in the fields are like.

Topics of previous seminars included:

  • Building a product and brining it to to specialised markets.
    Using examples from their healthcare company one of the directors discussed how they collected data, including the very specific extra requirements for healthcare data, and lead by a world leading expert in the field, validated and deployed a model that is is as good as a cardiologist at interpreting video of a heart beating.
  • Recruitment to companies, how to look for and be successfully hired for data science jobs.
    A data scientist with experience in several diverse businesses discussed how companies look for new staff, what the interview process was like, how to start working in an in person or as part of a remote team.


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