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About us

Managing, analysing and interpreting large, complex datasets and high rates of data flow is a growing challenge for many areas of science and industry.

Recent years have witnessed a dramatic increase of data in many fields of science and engineering, due to the advancement of sensors, mobile devices, biotechnology, digital communication, and internet applications.

Big Data refers to data that is so large that it cannot be processed by using traditional applications. Although significant computer technology exists, new skills are needed to fully understand the power of Big Data. Very little targeted training is provided to address a growing skills gap in this area.

The Liverpool Centre for Doctoral Training for Innovation in Data Intensive Science (LIV.INNO) is an inclusive hub for training diverse cohorts of excellent students in data intensive science. The focus of the centre is on addressing the data challenges presented by research in astronomy, nuclear, theoretical and particle physics, accelerator science, mathematical and computer science.

LIV.INNO will offer three cohorts of PhD students comprehensive training in Data Intensive Science through cutting edge interdisciplinary research projects and a targeted academic training programme, complemented by secondments to national and international research partners and strong industry contributions. This framework will be an ideal basis for driving science and innovation, as well as boosting the employability of our students.

The training centre is supported by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and hosted by the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University/Astrophysics Research Institute.

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