Dr Lorna Young

Lecturer Molecular & Clinical Cancer Medicine


Personal Statement

I am a Cancer Biologist and Lecturer in the Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine (MCCM) department at University of Liverpool.

I come from a Microbiology and Immunology background. During my PhD (Brendan Kenny Lab, Newcastle University). I investigated the mechanisms that pathogenic E. coli causes diarrhoea. This led me to become interested in the host cytoskeleton, where I began work looking at the role of adhesions and actin during cell migration (Higgs Lab, Dartmouth). My work here provided some exciting insights into the mechanisms behind these phenomenon in healthy as well as cancerous cells. From this, I become increasingly interested in the role of the cytoskeletal networks during cancer metastasis, leading me to work with the Zech Lab (UoL) as a postdoc.

During 2022, I started a role as a lecturer within the Life Sciences at UoL. I taught on the Biomedical Sciences UG program.
As of 2023, I have a position as full-time lecturer within MCCM, where I coordinate modules across both UG and MSc programs.

I love to help others! I am approachable, so please contact me if you want to connect/chat/learn more!