Professor Judy Coulson PhD

Professor Molecular Physiology & Cell Signalling


    Selected Publications

    1. Loss of the deubiquitylase BAP1 alters class I histone deacetylase expression and sensitivity of mesothelioma cells to HDAC inhibitors (Journal article - 2015)
    2. The deubiquitylase Ataxin-3 restricts PTEN transcription in lung cancer cells (Journal article - 2014)
    3. Cellular functions of the DUBs (Journal article - 2012)
    4. SCG3 Transcript in Peripheral Blood Is a Prognostic Biomarker for REST-Deficient Small Cell Lung Cancer (Journal article - 2009)
    5. A splice variant of the neuron-restrictive silencer factor repressor is expressed in small cell lung cancer: A potential role in derepression of neuroendocrine genes and a useful clinical marker (Journal article - 2000)