Dr Amy Chadwick MChem, Ph.D.

Lecturer Pharmacology & Therapeutics


    Drug Toxicity via Mitochondrial Dysfunction: pathways from fundamental mechanisms to clinical impact

    Drug-induced mitochondrial toxicity is a major pathway in adverse drug-reactions across many organs. Within this mitochondrial dysfunction is cited as a major pathway in drug-induced liver injury (DILI). However, there is little evidence of how this pathway translates to the clinical onset of hepatotoxicity in certain individuals. Therefore the research of the Bioenergetic Group, led by Dr Chadwick, within the MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science is focused upon elucidating the fundamental mechanisms of drug-induced mitochondrial dysfunction, in appropriate in vitro models, and translating this knowledge to understand the molecular and genetic factors underlying individual susceptibility to mitotoxicants. Current research themes include:

    1) Novel and advanced in vitro models to identify and investigate drug-induced mitochondrial dysfunction.
    2) Mechanistic understanding of the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in cell death and adverse drug reactions.
    3) Understanding the link between bioenergetic phenotype and individual susceptibility.
    4) Investigating potential translational biomarkers of drug-induced mitochondrial dysfunction.
    5) Evaluating the safety of novel mitochondria-targeted compounds.

    Research Grants

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    October 2014 - September 2018

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    October 2013 - September 2017