Our sustainable University

Achieving a sustainable future for us all is about collaboration, engagement and inspiring action.

There's a tremendous amount of work happening across our University to implement our sustainability strategy. Explore how we’re building sustainability into specific areas, and learn how we’re embedding social sustainability across the institution.

Biodiversity an image of yellow and red leaves against a clear blue sky.


Improving and conserving green space and wildlife on campus.

Culture and diversity Two students walking on campus beneath the multicoloured umbrellas on campus.

Culture and diversity

Creating vibrant and diverse communities and ensuring social sustainability is embedded across the institution.

Education for Sustainable Development A teacher stands at the front of a classroom smiling.

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Ensuring that all our people are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to contribute to a sustainable future.

Energy and carbon The energy centre on the university of Liverpool campus. The building has glass windows on one side, and scaly metal tiles on the other, reminiscent of an armadillo.

Energy and carbon

Reducing our emissions and increasing energy efficiency.

Health and wellbeing Three students sit on balance beams outside of the University of Liverpool's sport centre. They are wearing exercise clothes and smiling with each other.

Health and wellbeing

Supporting better health and wellbeing for the University community.

LEAF A woman with glasses and black hair holds up and examines a beaker full of clear liquid.


Improving the sustainability and efficiency of laboratories and technical workspaces.

Purchasing and catering A young woman wearing glasses, smiling as she picks a jar of peanut butter out from a row of jars.

Purchasing and catering

Managing our procurement and catering activities in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

Research A UV lamp shining purple-blue-ish light into a bucket of branches.


University of Liverpool is contributing to some of the most pressing challenges facing the world today.

Social responsibility The rooftops of the University campus are in the foreground, in the background the Mersey river and wind turbines are visible.

Social responsibility

We are part of the fabric of the Liverpool community and are socially invested in our city and those who live here.

Sustainable buildings A wooden building with the University of Liverpool written across the top, and the logo for the university of liverpool.

Sustainable buildings

Responsible estates management across the University.

Travel and transport a blury bike speeding along a road where the bike lane symbol is clearly visible.

Travel and transport

Supporting active and sustainable travel through a range of travel initiatives.

Water, waste and recycling purple and green bins on the curb of a street waiting to be picked up.

Waste, water and recycling

Managing our water consumption, reducing waste and improving recycling practices.