University of Liverpool research is contributing to some of the most pressing challenges facing the world today.

We are bringing together internationally-renowned researchers from across the faculties of Health and Life SciencesScience and Engineering, and Humanities and Social Sciences, to conduct research that has a significant impact on global policy, the environment, and the lives of people from around the world. It is essential the knowledge and experience from these endeavours are shared with the wider community to ensure we move towards building a more sustainable future. 

Climate futures

To help address the global impacts of climate change and environmental degradation, Climate futures are harnessing high-quality research expertise spanning climate science, emissions reduction, food sustainability, air quality impacts, new materials discovery, behaviour insights, risk communication, community engagement and the development of new sustainable technologies. Climate Futures are aligning these strengths to explore impacts of climate change, develop solutions to environmental challenges and address knowledge gaps. Click on the three main areas of research for an in-depth look at the work being undertaken across the University. 

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Climate Futures: Developing Net Zero Solutions Using Research and Innovation

Human induced climate change has caused global warming and it’s getting worse. To reach net zero we must act now. At the University of Liverpool, we are responding to this challenge by informing policy, developing novel solutions, reimagining our towns and cities and transforming global industries.