Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

“Education for Sustainable Development provides formal and informal learning opportunities which enable all students to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required to contribute to a sustainable future”. (AdvanceHE, 2021)

“ESD develops competencies, that is skills, attributes and values, and how they link to subject knowledge and knowledge of sustainable development. ESD supports learners across all academic disciplines and subject areas to create and pursue visions of a better world” (QAA, 2021)

Education for Sustainable Development at the University of Liverpool is being built around the interests, needs and ambitions of our students.  Our mission is to ensure that every graduate is equipped with the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes that they need to make their own contribution to a sustainable future. 

The ESD Working Group brings together academic staff, professional services staff, the Guild and students from all faculties to develop innovative educational approaches; and to provide opportunities for students to initiate their own sustainable development projects and initiatives; or to join existing activities internally, locally, nationally, and internationally.

See below the Education for Sustainable Development support and resources available for both staff and students at the University.