Student Sustainability Hub

Student Sustainability Hub

Sustainability related co and extra-curricular learning opportunities for students.

All sustainability related co and extra-curricular opportunities for students can be accessed by students automatically through the ‘Student Sustainability Hub’ in Canvas. The hub provides students with a central point of reference for:

  • Student voice in university sustainability policy and practices.
  • The ‘Sustainability in Action’ (see below) and other short online courses.
  • Links to Guild volunteering, groups and societies.
  • Campus activities.
  • Events and workshops.
  • Social media.

Sustainability in Action

‘Sustainability in Action’ is an online course in Canvas open to all of our UG and PGT students and forms a component of the Student Sustainability Hub. The course has been designed by student interns to be an engaging and interactive introduction to:

  • The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Examples of sustainable development in practice.
  • How the university supports sustainable development through our research, campus operations, and learning and teaching.

Students can engage with this course informally, or complete a series of short assessments to receive HEAR accreditation.

How staff can incorporate ‘Sustainability in Action’ resources into their teaching

Two options to incorporate this course into your teaching: 

  1. Encourage your students to engage with the course as a co or extra-curricular activity independently in Canvas. Students will have automatic access to the course via the ‘Student Sustainability Hub’ in Canvas.
  2. Import Sustainability in Action course content into one of your Canvas teaching modules. How to do this: 

Log into Canvas

To incorporate all or sections of the course content into one of your Canvas courses:

Select ‘Commons’ from the side menu bar.

Search for ‘Sustainability in Action

Select either the whole course or each section as appropriate.

Select the blue ‘Import’ button, and select the Canvas course you want to import into.

The Sustainability in Action course content consists of five sections; Planet, Prosperity, Peace, Partnerships, Our Contributions.


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