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Networks & Communities

CIE networks are intended to function as communities of practice around the graduate hallmarks and attributes of the Liverpool Curriculum framework and the learning, teaching and assessment aspects of curriculum design.

Communities bring people together, and our role is that of facilitator rather than owner.

In collaboration with the Academy, all current learning and teaching focused staff networks and communities of practice can be accessed online through the Communities Hub in Microsoft Teams. Currently supported networks and communities include:

  • Liverpool Curriculum Framework; Research connected teaching, Active learning, Authentic assessment, Digital fluency, Confidence, Global Citizenship - EDI in the curriculum, Education for Sustainable Development, Decolonising the curriculum.
  • Teaching and Scholarship, Liverpool Fellows, and Academic Advisors.
  • Digital technologies; Canvas Connect, Digital Education, Champions Community, Social media.

CIE also currently convene the Generative AI Network (GAIN) for educational institutions and academics to share policy, ideas, resources and good practice on Generative AI in education. If you are interested in joining GAIN, please contact

Please note new networks and communities of practice may be created periodically. CIE and the Academy will use each appropriate Teams channel to post relevant forthcoming events and new resources.

If you have an idea for a community of practice which doesn’t yet exist, or for more information, please email

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