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Peer Assisted Learning Peer Assisted Learning

Peer Assisted Learning

Bridging the gap between school and university is a longstanding issue in HE, requiring students to adapt to a different educational environment. PAL is a student-to-student support in which higher year students (‘leaders’) facilitate study sessions for lower year students. PAL is growing in popularity due to a number of factors, including research evidence of the impact of PAL (Keenan 2014; Sedghi 2013), as well as the scheme’s promotion of ‘students as partners’ in learning.

Student-Staff Partnership Student Staff Meeting

Student-Staff Partnership

Student-Staff Partnership is an approach to thinking and working in education that uses collaboration between students and staff in the design of teaching & learning. Traditionally staff carry out changes to course designs taking on-board suggestions from the ‘Student Voice’ (via course reps or end of unit evaluations). However, within student-staff partnership responsibility for change is shared mutually, with collaboration taking place earlier in the design process before changes are set in stone (Mercer-Mapstone & Marie, 2019).

Inclusive Curriculum Business man

Inclusive Curriculum

An inclusive curriculum ensures that all students, including those with protected characteristics, have equal opportunity to participate and succeed at every stage (AdvanceHE, n.d.).