Liverpool Curriculum Framework

The updated Liverpool Curriculum Framework has been developed to ensure all students get access to core attributes and hallmarks as part of their experience with us. Additionally, we have embedded the core value of inclusivity to ensure that all our students can access their curriculum.

The Liverpool Curriculum Framework booklet provides you with detailed information and through this website a variety of resources are provided, as well as case studies for supporting this activity.

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An inclusive curriculum is one which recognises potential barriers to learning and seeks to ensure that all students are able to access their curriculum regardless of their circumstances.

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Research-connected teaching

Feeds current research into the syllabus, develops students’ understanding of research processes and engages them in enquiry-based projects so they are producers and not just consumers of knowledge.

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Active learning

Engages, enthuses and challenges students in the learning process through activities, often collaborative and reflective, inside and outside the classroom; students construct knowledge and build independence.

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Authentic assessment

Assesses students using tasks that mirror those they might undertake as professionals or citizens through choice of purpose, format, intended audience, resources, and collaborative or student-designed elements.

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Confident graduates are curious, creative, proactive and resilient; they are engaged with the world beyond the University and able to adapt and apply their knowledge in new contexts.

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Digital fluency

Digitally fluent graduates think critically about the information they find, use and generate, developing their ability to use digital platforms to problem-solve, create, collaborate, and communicate.

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Global citizenship

Global citizens are active members of their community from the local to the global, the personal to the professional, committing to principles of equality, fairness and sustainability.