Confident graduates are curious, creative, proactive and resilient; they are engaged with the world beyond the University and able to adapt and apply their knowledge in new contexts.

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Case Studies

Search for 'case study confidence' on our resources search page to find University of Liverpool case studies and other resources to help you develop your students’ Confidence. 

Case Study Examples

A blended approach to teaching Therapeutic Radiography students physics

This case study demonstrates how a blended learning approach can improve students’ confidence.

Bouncebackability: the importance of resilience in the graduate job market

In this case study resilience based learning activities are used to help students develop self awareness.

Getting to know you: Dragons' Den as an interprofessional learning activity

Students from six health professional programmes engaged in a Dragons’ Den activity to promote interdisciplinary understanding of their roles.

Developing self-regulated learners: promoting student engagement with feedback

This case study showcases an approach to developing students self-regulatory behaviours, improving their confidence, focus and performance.

Embedding authentic Careers and Employability activities into the Chemistry curriculum

Preparing students for the graduate recruitment process and beyond.

Enhancing students’ experience and academic performance through peer assisted learning

How peer assisted learning benefits new and existing students.

Research Internship Module: Enhancing employability through outward mobility

Rethinking international opportunities for students is creating more globally-connected researchers.

Delivering Undergraduate Political Speeches: Creating confident communicators

How combining practical training and academic research enabled students to write and deliver convincing arguments.

Enhancing student confidence, skills and employability through the creation of assessed embedded video presentations in posters

Students produced a poster with embedded video, accessed by a QR code for assessment and to engage in Computer Science employability events.