Authentic assessment

Assesses students using tasks that mirror those they might undertake as professionals or citizens through choice of purpose, format, intended audience, resources, and collaborative or student-designed elements.

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Case Studies

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Case Study Examples

Greening the campus: Implementing change through interdisciplinary ‘real-world’ projects

This case study explores the use of real-world projects with interdisciplinary and intercultural groups.

Authentic assessment in a non-vocational discipline: consultancy-led assessment in Geography and Environmental Science

Three modules using authentic assessment in the form of consultancy reports aimed at real clients.

An exploration of types of feedback given to clinical dental students, and how best it can be used in support of their learning

Assessment and Feedback as part of a developmental process.

Using authentic assessment and outreach activity to upskill students studying Portuguese

Beyond assessment: how students are sharing their experiences of language learning and cultural diversity in local schools.

Imagination takes Command: students as agents of civic engagement

Developing student attributes through real world urban regeneration projects.

Embedding employability in the mathematics curriculum

How real-world projects enhanced students’ understanding of their discipline and improved their employability.

Environmental Planning and Management Project: Client led Group Projects

This case study focuses on a module that facilitates learning through the process of environmental consultancy.