Originally developed and implemented as Curriculum 2021 the updated Liverpool Curriculum Framework retains the Hallmarks and Attributes whilst adding the core value of Inclusivity to underpin all of our curriculum activity and builds upon our work in equality, diversity and inclusion. The Liverpool Curriculum Framework should be embedded in all undergraduate, postgraduate taught and online programmes at the University of Liverpool.

Whilst it’s development has been led by the Centre for Innovation in Education (CIE) the framework is a result of a shared vision and culmination of collaboration with colleagues across the institution. Its point of reference is the vision articulated in the University’s Strategy 2026 document and Education Strategy, namely that we shall support our students to become ‘creative and culturally rich graduates with the capacity to find employment that will enable them to be agents for change in a connected world’.

The Liverpool Curriculum framework sets out the University’s distinctive approach to education. Our teaching staff support our students to develop academic knowledge, skills and understanding alongside the graduate attributes:

The curriculum is characterised by the three Liverpool Hallmarks:

All this is underpinned by the core value of Inclusivity as we more visibly demonstrate our commitment to providing a curriculum which is accessible to all of our students. 

The Liverpool Curriculum Framework provides a definition and justification for the core value and each Hallmark and graduate attribute, as well as a set of tools to help programme teams embed them within the curriculum. The framework is complemented by a curriculum design methodology which supports teams to adopt a programme-level approach in line with the experience of our students themselves.

Have you a case study to submit relating to our Curriculum value,  hallmarks or attributes?

Our core value in Inclusivity and our Hallmarks include Research Connected Teaching, Active Learning, Authentic Assessment, and our graduate attributes are Confidence, Digital Fluency or Global Citizenship. You can find out more about these in our Liverpool Curriculum Framework booklet.

Your fellow-academics would love to hear about them: during our engagement events, academics asked our team to collate examples especially from within our University. Your case study may relate to one or more hallmarks/attributes. If you have one to share, please use our form to submit a case study.

If you would like to ask any questions or talk to one of our team members to discuss your case study, we would be more than happy to chat to you, so please contact us at cie@liverpool.ac.uk.

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