Conferences & Events

At CIE we hold various Conferences and Events throughout the year. 

The Learning and Teaching Conference is an annual two day, summer event in which colleagues from the University of Liverpool share innovative practice in learning and teaching.

The Liverpool Learning Summit takes place every January and has a different theme each year. This week-long event brings together colleagues from UoL and other universities and organisations across the UK to discuss and present on the chosen theme.

The Islands of Innovation, inspired by our Treasure Island Pedagogies podcast series, takes place every May, where educators across the globe share their lightbulb moments, teaching props and pedagogies to create their imagined future of education.

Liverpool Learning Summit 2023 Liverpool Learning Summit 2023

Liverpool Learning Summit 2023

The Liverpool Learning Summit 2023 took place the week commencing the 23 of January, with sessions taking place throughout the full week.

Islands of Innovation 2023 islands-of-innovation-2023-thumb

Islands of Innovation 2023

Our second Islands of Innovation festival took place on 9, 10 and 11 May 2023.

Learning and Teaching Conference 2023 Learning and Teaching 2023

Learning and Teaching Conference 2023

The Learning & Teaching Conference took place on 13 & 14 July 2023.