Liverpool Learning Summit 2024

What Unites Us: Building Inclusive Communities

The Liverpool Learning Summit 2024 took place the week commencing the 5 of February, with sessions taking place throughout the full week online and in person.

The Liverpool Learning Summit returned for 2024 with a new theme: ‘What Unites Us’. Exploring our shared connections and powerful collaborations as members of local and global communities. We were inspired by local leaders and ignited our collaborative synergy with attendees from around the globe!

The primary themes for the week of inspiring activities were:

Empowerment for Action

The summit was about equipping you with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to turn your ideas into impactful actions. The ‘Empowerment for Action’ theme gave a platform to speakers who have initiated real change in their fields. We wanted participants to leave the sessions with the tools, inspiration, and connections they need to take bold steps towards a better future.

Inclusive communities

This theme focuses on the importance of fostering inclusivity, diversity, and unity within our communities, organizations, and societies. It explores how inclusive practices can strengthen our ability to work together in the most productive way possible. Inclusive Communities emphasizes the role of embracing differences but finding commonalities, promoting equity, and creating spaces where everyone's voice and contributions are valued, ultimately reinforcing the idea that what unites us is our shared commitment to a better world for all.

Global Perspectives

As a former Capital of Culture and host of the Eurovision Song Contest, Liverpool has a significant global impact, and is home to global citizens and international communities. This theme gave us space to consider ‘Global perspectives’, which promoted a deeper understanding of the world and foster collaborations, nicely fitting within the overarching theme of unity and shared purpose. Sessions under this theme broadened attendees' perspectives and equiped them to engage with global challenges in a more informed and effective manner.

Local Impact

As important as global issues are, we don’t want them to dominate the conversation. The summit also had space for the profound projects occurring on a local level. This summit spotlighted the remarkable power of community-driven initiatives, grassroots movements, and the transformative influence of individuals within their own communities. Through inspiring speakers, insightful workshops, and interactive discussions, we celebrated the impact of local heroes and community champions who are making a difference.

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