Liverpool Learning Summit 2023

Citizenship: Global, local, digital

The Liverpool Learning Summit 2023 will take place the week commencing the 23 of January, with sessions taking place throughout the full week.

The University of Liverpool’s Learning Summit 2023 seeks to explore the concept of citizenship within the modern university at a global level, a local level, and in the digital sphere. We will examine what it means for a University to be a civic institution, how institutions can navigate their role in their local communities, whilst carefully balancing this with expected global impact. We will also invite you to reflect on your own civic engagement and how you can apply partnerships in your own work. Our primary themes include: 

  • Local Citizenship – The University of Liverpool is a social, cultural and educational landmark in both the city of Liverpool and in the wider region. Consequently, Summit 2023 will investigate what it means for a university to be a civic institution, and how we can empower students to become connected with, and contribute to, the locality of their studies – including through civic engagement activities and feeding back into their course.
  • Global Citizenship – The University is a global institution with a well-established community of international students and close partnerships with overseas universities, particularly Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University in China. Our students and staff strive to be global citizens, committed to sustainability, and who are part of multiple communities at every level. Summit 2023 will therefore explore how the university can help local students to feel globally connected, and help global students to feel locally connected. 
  • Digital Citizenship – Students, staff and the general public alike spend just as much of their time interacting with each other in the digital space as in the physical. The implications for immediate global communication and collaboration in the digital sphere, combined with the impact this can have on students, means that the concept of ‘digital citizenship’ is, now more than ever, critically important. Summit 2023 will discuss this concept and explore how the University can help to foster it. 

Alongside the primary themes highlighted above, we’re particularly interested in sustainability and student partnership. Full details of all of the sessions across the Summit week will be made available in the next few weeks.

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