Liverpool Learning Summit 2023

Citizenship: Global, local, digital

The Liverpool Learning Summit 2023 took place the week commencing the 23 of January, with sessions taking place throughout the full week.

The University of Liverpool’s Learning Summit 2023 sought to explore the concept of citizenship within the modern university at a global level, a local level, and in the digital sphere. We examined what it means for a University to be a civic institution and how institutions can navigate their role in their local communities, whilst carefully balancing this with expected global impact. Our primary themes included:

  • Local Citizenship
  • Global Citizenship
  • Digital Citizenship

Alongside the primary themes highlighted above, we’re particularly interested in sustainability and student partnership. Throughout the week we held nine interactive session covering the over topics, these include:

The Digital State We're In

What does it mean to be a fulfilled and valued citizen in a digital environment which is more corporate than civic?

More Than a Month - Panel Discussion

The More Than a Month campaign aims to address the disparities in the history we are taught, acting as a reminder that we must all continue to expand our knowledge beyond the history month celebrations and engage with marginalised voices all year round.

Public Life in the Digital Society

The aim of this talk is to highlight some of the challenges and provoke discussion on the role universities can play in addressing them.

Connecting Learning with Local Cultural Opportunities

This roundtable will explore the idea of 'cultural resourcefulness', where educators utilise local cultural resources including partnership with cultural institutions to provide enriched learning experiences for students.

University of Liverpool twinning with Ukrainian Sumy State University

The University of Liverpool and Sumy State University have embarked on a range of initiatives working together to ensure Ukraine’s universities not only survive but emerge stronger from the war.

Student Partnership in the modern University 

Student partnership projects, where students are empowered to partner with organisations in problem-solving and solution-building, are increasingly valued by universities and local/national organisations to bring unique perspectives and energy to solving old problems, whilst simultaneously providing a rewarding learning experience for students.

Students and Sustainability: Global Citizenship at LJMU

Emma Roberts will consider the current and potential activities through which university students can engage with issues of sustainability. With a focus on the practical strategies employed at Liverpool John Moores University.

Mapping the Student Civic Experience

The Civic Universities agenda has opened new ways to understand the student experience in higher education, with a focus on the civic life of universities and their impact on local places.

2030 SDGs game workshop

A thought-provoking multi-player facilitated card game simulates what the world could look like in 2030. The 2030 SDGs Game highlights the importance of balancing the three pillars of People, Planet and Prosperity and brings sustainability to life.

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