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The mission of the Centre for Innovation in Education (CIE) is to support innovation in learning, teaching and assessment through enhanced curriculum development. We encourage and guide academic staff within programme teams to innovate in: teaching, learning and assessment; and critically consider the use of digital tools and educational technology as part of a holistic curriculum design process.

  • We will work in partnership with academics and students to review and refresh our curricula and create a distinctive offer, whilst supporting colleagues to develop new and innovative undergraduate and postgraduate programmes informed by the needs of a range of stakeholders.
  • We will enable staff to deliver stimulating teaching leading to the highest possible levels of student learning and satisfaction, investing in resources to support continuous innovation.


Through our strategic and operational leadership of the Liverpool Curriculum Framework we will be considered the “go to” service for educational development, recognised as thought leaders in our discipline areas and valued as a central institutional partner bringing our expertise to: teaching, learning and learner support; assessment; curriculum development and design; and educational technology discussions, activities and strategy.

CIE will undertake this work via three key approaches, ensuring that we are:

Informational - (providing access to information and resources for all of our internal and external partners).

Developmental - (supporting the development of individuals and teams through our events, workshops and webinars).

Influential – (utilising our expertise and networks to influence policy, process and strategy in achieving our vision).

Through our partnership approach we will build long-term relationships, add to and support the work of others and seek to be a valued critical friend.


In furtherance of institutional strategy we will:

  1. Support and encourage individuals and teams within academic and professional service units to innovate and experiment in: teaching, learner support and assessment; the use of educational technology;
  2. Support faculties and schools to develop, review and revise curricula and programmes which will be attractive in the University’s priority markets and an asset within a planned portfolio;
  3. Provide pedagogical leadership to diversify and increase flexibility within the design and delivery of the portfolio, including online, blended, work-based, campus-based and part-time provision;
  4. Source and disseminate educational developments and lessons from effective educational practice elsewhere (e.g., via open and bespoke workshops and online resources) and share excellent practice from within UoL internally and externally (e.g., via networking, conferences);
  5. Provide pedagogical leadership and support in the design, development and implementation of institutional policy, strategy and systems in support of student education and engagement, (with due regard to sector practice, and on the basis of appropriate horizon scanning, experimentation and evaluation);

Jointly with the Academy:

  1. Contribute to the planning and delivery of staff development programmes and recognition schemes in academic practice, including the use of digital tools and educational technology;
  2. Support communities of practice of HE educators within academic and professional service units to share knowledge and experience;
  3. Conduct (and build capacity for) pedagogic research and evaluation as relevant to HE, including digital pedagogy and educational technology.

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