Learning and Teaching 2023

Learning and Teaching Conference 2023

The University of Liverpool Learning & Teaching Conference 2023, hosted by the Centre for Innovation in Education, will be held on Thursday 13 & Friday 14 July 2023. The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Reassessing Assessment’.

Assessment remains one of the biggest challenges for both staff and students in higher education. Staff may find it difficult to embrace new assessment formats due to difficulties with implementation, concerns regarding academic integrity or pressure regarding grade inflation. Students may struggle to see the relevance of particular assessments to their studies, find marking criteria unclear and have difficulty understanding how to use feedback to improve their performance. In response to these ongoing issues, CIE have chosen to focus on assessment at the 2023 learning and teaching conference. 

The theme encompasses new approaches, perspectives and research in the area of assessment and feedback, particularly in the context of new ideas around assessment authenticity and non-disposable assessment. Since the pandemic, assessment practices have evolved, and so it is essential to consider what has been learnt, what should be retained and how we can continue to develop new concepts of assessment. 

Please save the date for the conference and note, Day 1 will be fully in-person in HUB 502.

If you have any questions please email cie@liverpool.ac.uk

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