Active learning

Engages, enthuses and challenges students in the learning process through activities, often collaborative and reflective, inside and outside the classroom; students construct knowledge and build independence.

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Case Studies

Search for 'case study active' on our resources search page to find University of Liverpool case studies and other resources to help you enhance Active Learning in your curriculum.

Case Study Examples

Virtual immersive clinical simulation

This case study explores the use of virtual reality as a tool for simulated learning.

Using webinars to promote student engagement and confidence

Webinars have been used in this case study to provide off campus students with interactive learning opportunities.

Using 360° images, and reporting 'near misses', to engage students with Health and Safety

Using technology to prepare students for a physical environment in which they are still learners or novices.

Lego serious play

Developing first-year postgraduate researchers creative problem-solving skills.

Using mobiles for learner-centred listening lessons

This case study outlines how mobile devices have been used for listening activities during lessons.

Hybrid learning - Using continuous assessment and develop employability skills

Explore how varied groupwork tasks.....helps students to develop good study practices and graduate employability skills.