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Be inspired by our Philosophy programmes.

Create a combined degree

Combine subjects to create a 50/50 (joint) or 75/25 (major/ minor) degree to suit you.

100% of respondents agreed that the library resources had supported their learning well (NSS, 2019)

Taught by internationally recognised philosophers, economists, and political theorists

96% of respondents agreed that the course is intellectually stimulating (NSS, 2019)

Being original

We are the original redbrick. Find out what being original means to our students and what it could mean for you.

Everybody in the department is always keen to talk through interesting ideas. With their support, along with lectures, seminars, and lively discussions in pubs and coffee shops, you’ll find it hard not to enjoy your studies.

Jack Symes, Philosophy MA

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We are legacies written, and stories just beginning. A place to belong, start from, and always come back to. Study with us, and find your home.

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