After you apply

After your application has been received we will create an applicant record for you and you will be assigned a student identification number (student ID) that will be quoted on all correspondence with you.  Once the application is processed you will receive an acknowledgement email which will contain your student ID number.  Once your application is processed and all relevant academic documents, English language, references and research proposals (postgraduate research programmes only) are received your application will be forwarded to either an academic admissions tutor or to a centralised decision maker within the Admissions team.

Contacting us

If we need to contact you we will do so by email, so please make sure that you check the email account you used for your application on a regular basis. If you change your email address, please let us know by emailing us at, including your full name and applicant number. You may wish to add the following addresses to your address book to avoid important messages being marked as spam: (Enquiries Team) (International applicants) (UK applicants)

When a decision has been made

We will contact you by email when a decision is made.  If we have offered you a study place, we will provide you with an official electronic offer email detailing any conditions and the amount payable for the tuition fees.

If you have been unsuccessful in gaining an offer of a place on one of our programmes we will email you and let you know the reason why.

Types of Offer

If we make you an offer, it will be either Conditional or Unconditional.

Conditional offers

A conditional offer means that there are still requirements that you need to meet before you can progress further in the application process.  Offer conditions can relate to academic requirements, English language requirements or further information such as references or a request for portfolio (where appropriate). If we have made you a conditional offer, the conditions will be stated in your offer email. When you have met these conditions you should email the team with the appropriate documents that show you have met the conditions. When you have met all the conditions of your offer, we will provide you with a new, unconditional offer email.

Except where indicated in the offer email, there are no specific deadlines for meeting the conditions of your offer. However make sure you leave enough time after meeting the conditions to make arrangements to start your course, for example if you need to arrange accommodation or a visa.

Unconditional offers

An Unconditional offer has no conditions which means that there are no further requirements that you need to meet.

Replying to your offer

For any offer received you should reply to confirm your acceptance or if you wish to decline the offer.  This should be done via email.  For postgraduate international applicants please email  For postgraduate UK applicants please email Please include your full name, student ID and which programme you are accepting an offer for.

Postgraduate research applicants should contact the academic department directly.  The contact details for your department will be included in your offer email.

Applicants should aim to reply to offers within 6 weeks.  Further information about arriving at the University, accommodation and applying for visas will be sent out to applicants after the offer is accepted.

Please note that you can accept only one Unconditional offer of a place. If you have been made Unconditional offers for more than one course, you will need to choose which course to accept. You should then decline the other offers.

Tuition fee deposits for International applicants

If you are an International applicant, we will normally ask you to pay a deposit on your tuition fee after you accept an Unconditional offer. We will tell you more about this, including information about how to make a payment after we have issued your unconditional offer.

More information is available on our Tuition Fee Deposits webpage:

International Deposits

Applying for a visa (international applicants only)

If you will need a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK, you can find more information about when and how we will arrange your Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) number on our CAS pages.

Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)

The Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) is a Government verification scheme for International students. ATAS is compulsory for ALL International (Non-EU) offer holders who are applying for a programme that requires ATAS clearance. This includes current students who wish to change programmes from a non-ATAS programme to an ATAS programme, student visitors and study abroad students.

It is your responsibility to check if this scheme applies to you. Find out more about this scheme on our ATAS page.


If for an unforeseen reason you are not able to take up the place of an offer for the academic year you have applied for, you can defer your offer of a place for one academic year.

You can only defer your studies once. If you request to defer your offer, and then ask to defer again the following year, Admissions will not be able to process the request, and a new application will have to be submitted.

To request a deferral for postgraduate taught programmes you should contact central admissions using either (international and EU applicants) or (UK applicants). Please note ‘Deferral Request’ as the subject of your email and include your full name and student ID.

To request a deferral for postgraduate research programmes you should contact your academic department whose contact details will be on your offer email.