Photo of Dr Michael Mair

Dr Michael Mair PhD

Senior Lecturer Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology


Personal Statement

My primary research and teaching interests lie in politics, the state and governmental practice, particularly their changing contemporary forms. In the course of empirical research which has been largely sociological, ethnographic and practice-oriented in character, I have investigated new ways of governing from an ethnomethodological perspective. I am currently involved in looking further at how politics is practiced in and realised through new bureaucratic and administrative structures as well as a series of issues relating to problems of accountability in a variety of settings. I also have a general interest in the methodology and the philosophy of the natural and social sciences, incorporating empirical studies of qualitative, quantitative and digital methods as well as experimentation, machine learning and artificial intelligence. In all my work, particular emphasis is placed on the idea that the social production (and distribution) of knowledge within particular settings is a public activity that can and ought to be studied in its details. This dovetails with an interest in both workplace and science and technology studies and what they can bring to existing debates within the social and political sciences as well as socio-legal studies, particularly around the politics of knowledge.

Prizes or Honours

  • Visiting Research Fellowship (University of Manchester, 2010)
  • Visiting Research Fellowship (Imperial College London, 2010)
  • Doctoral Research Scholarship (Department of Sociology, University of Manchester, 2005)
  • Visiting NHS Research Fellowship (Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital Trust, 2005)
  • Skirving Prize (Department of Philosophy, University of Edinburgh, 2001)