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The Loop drug checking service

The Loop is the UK’s first systematic drug checking service. A research and evidence-based organisation that collects and analyses data from across its own and other’s drug checking services to inform policy and practice, The Loop engages with policy makers, the academic community, and the wider public.

Initially working in partnership with Durham University and subsequently here at SSPC within the University of Liverpool, The Loop is headed by Professor Measham, the organisation’s co-director. A research and evaluation team constitute a research action group, designed to affect the contexts they are studying. Conducting research in collaboration with a broad range of academic and industry researchers, testing is developed across a broad range of sites, including – but not limited to – festivals.

Research Outputs

The Loop’s findings are often published both in scholarly journals that are subsequently reported on by journalists. For example, the successful completion of The Loop’s drug checking service was covered by the national and international press, as well as featuring in a Vice documentary.

Peer reviewed publications and reports play an important role in advancing understanding of user engagement with drug checking. This has involved evaluating laboratory methods for testing and analysis, establishing a robust evidence base to guide drug checking practices, and generally contributing to the emerging international evidence base (including with other TEDI partners).

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