A photo of Joseph Iesue Eugene.

Postgraduate Researcher

Department of Sociology, Social Policy, and Criminology 


Website: josephiesue.com


Joseph is a multidisciplinary professional with a diverse background, holding an undergraduate degree in sociology and political science while starting his first business. He pursued a Master's in Business Management and Leadership and a Master’s in Policy to overcome challenges on his entrepreneurial journey. Before joining UoL, Joseph lectured on business and tourism in South Korea for seven years and conducted research in Taiwan for three years. He is committed to creating equal learning opportunities and solutions, drawing on his passion for education, entrepreneurship, and service and his experience as a first-generation college graduate who overcame life obstacles.


Joseph’s research direction is focussed on developing resilient businesses and start-ups, transforming the "triple helix" ecosystem with educational agility to innovate solutions, preserve opportunities, and normalise entrepreneurial collaboration.

Thesis title

“The influence of goal orientation and perceived university management on student intent to volunteer for entrepreneurial service-learning”