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Professor Laurence Hardwick



Parkinson, Ms Jackie
Admin support

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Vasey, Mr Vincent

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Academic Staff

Alaria, Dr Jonathan

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Oxides, magnetic and thermoelectrics

Blanc, Dr Frédéric

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NMR spectrscopy

Cowan, Professor Alexander

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Electro and photo catalytics conversion

Dhanak, Professor Vin

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Electronic structure of advanced materials

Durose, Professor Ken

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PV materials and devices

Grunder, Dr Yvonne 

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Fundamental electrochemistry

Hasell, Dr Thomas
Royal Society Research Fellow

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Sulfur polymers and functional materials

Hardwick, Professor Laurence

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Jaeckel, Dr Frank

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Lopez-Sanchez, Professor Tony

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Bio-chemicals and catalytic conversion

Major, Dr Jon
EPSRC Research Fellow

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PV materials and devices

Mumtaz, Dr Asim
Deputy Director - CDT-PV

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PV materials and devices

Sergeev, Dr Alexey

+44 (0)151 794 2665 Novel catalytic transformations

Shchukin, Professor Dmitry

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Veal, Professor Tim

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Semiconductor physics

Vezzoli, Dr Andrea

  Molecular Technologies for Energy Conversion 

Research Staff




Apollo, Mr Manuel Durose Group

Baggio, Miss Bruna Grunder Group

Bei, Dr Qian Shchukin Group

Braga Nogueira, Dr Filipe Hardwick Group

Chan, Dr Antony Sergeev Group

Costa Milan, Dr David Hardwick Group 

Forster, Dr Mark Cowan Group

Gardner, Dr Adrian Cowan Group 

Graham, Dr Michael Shchukin Group 

Harvey, Dr Daniel Shchukin Group 

Hobson, Mr Theodore Durose Group  

Lim, Mr Jungwoo Hardwick Group

Nadeem, Qurat Shchukin Group 

Neale, Dr Alex Hardwick Group 

Pateli, Miss Maria Hardwick Group 

Phillips, Dr Laurie  

Piercy, Miss Verity  

Shchukina, Dr Elena Shchukin Group 

Wall, Dr Glenda
SOLBAT Project Manager Hardwick Group 

Whalley, Dr Laura  

Zhou, Dr Yundong Hardwick Group 

Postgraduate students



Primary Supervisor

Antonatos, Nikolaos

Yvonne Grunder

Baines, Tom

Jon Major

Bashal, Ali H

Tony Lopez-Sanchez

Beane, Jack

Chris Lucas

Bennett, Rhys

Alex Cowan

Brownbill, Nick

Frederic Blanc

Cheung, Daniel

Dmitry Shchukin

Coca Clemente, Jose Antonio

Laurence Hardwick

Duff, Ben

Frederic Blanc

Edwards, Holly

Vin Dhanak

Endot, Nor Azam

Tony Lopez-Sanchez

Featherstone, Thomas

Tim Veal

Fernandez Gimenez, Marta Alexey Sergeev

Fleck, Nicole Frank Jaeckel

Gao, Hui Laurence Hardwick

Garcia Osorio, Dora Alex Cowan

Gatti, Claudia

Dmitry Shchukin

Gibbon, James

Vin Dhanak

Gonzalez Yanez, Edgar

Tony Lopez-Sanchez

Greeves, Ben

Alex Cowan

Griffiths, Ben

Frederic Blanc

Hannah, Adrian

Vin Dhanak

Horne, Joseph Frank Jaeckel

Hughes, Ashlea Frederic Blanc

Jakoobi, Martin Alexey Sergeev

Leaver, Jacob Ken Durose

Lewis, Scott

Laurence Hardwick

Lomeli Rodriguez, Monica

Tony Lopez-Sanchez

Lu, Yi-Ting

Laurence Hardwick

Mariotti, Silvia

Ken Durose

Mensa, Stefano

Gilberto Teobaldi

Michailidis, Marios

Dmitry Shchukin

Mohamad Noh, Nadiah

Tony Lopez-Sanchez

Morris, Gareth Frank Jaeckel

Murgatroyd, Philip Jonathan Alaria

O'Dowd, Graeme Frank Jaeckel

Padilla, Romen

Tony Lopez-Sanchez

Perez Mejia, Javier Eduardo

Tony Lopez-Sanchez

Pugliese, Andrea

Frederic Blanc

Reichenbach, Lena Yvonne Grunder

Rhodes-Martin, Lisa Yvonne Grunder

Robinson, Aris Laurence Hardwick

Saeed, Khezar Alex Cowan

Salami, Hammed

Tony Lopez-Sanchez

Shalvey, Thomas

Jon Major

Shiel, Huw

Tim Veal

Smiles, Matthew

Ken Durose

Smith, Charlotte Alex Cowan

Smith, James Dmitry Shchukin

Stoner, Jessica

Jonathan Alaria

Swallow, Jack Tim Veal

Thomas, Luke Ken Durose

Thomas, Will Matthew Rosseinsky
Tustain, Katherine Lucy Clark

Vega Herrera, David

Tony Lopez-Sanchez

Voyce, Olivia

Tim Veal

Whitley, Conor David Martin

Xiao, Dong Frederic Blanc

Zhu, Xiaolei

Dmitry Shchukin