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Next generation photoelectrodes for the production of solar fuels - Dr Alex Cowan (Closing date 16th February 2018)

Shining Light on Electrochemical Reactions - Prof Laurence Hardwick (Closing date 28th February 2018)

Identifying performance killing defects in thin film solar cells - Dr Jon Major and Prof Ken Durose (Closing date 28th February 2018)

Inverted designs for CdTe solar cells - Prof Ken Durose and Dr Jon Major (Closing date 28th February 2018)

An Atomic Scale Understanding of Defect Mediated Stability and Hysteresis in Perovskite Solar Cells - Prof Nigel Browning (Closing date 28th February 2018)

Theory and computational screening of novel sustainable ferromagnets - Dr Gilberto Teobaldi and Prof Dmitry Shchukin (Closing date 1st June 2018)

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