Photo of Dr Pete Bridge

Dr Pete Bridge Ph.D. MSc. BSc Hons. BSc SFHEA

Senior Lecturer School of Health Sciences


Personal Statement

I qualified as a therapy radiographer from the University of Liverpool in 1996 and enjoyed clinical work in a variety of departments including the Christie (Manchester), Auckland Oncology in New Zealand and the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary. I moved into academia in 2002 when I started work as a Lecturer for Sheffield Hallam University. At Sheffield I was the Course leader for the MSc Radiotherapy Planning and module leader for the first year Physics and Equipment modules for both BSc and Post Graduate Diploma courses. I quickly developed a keen interest in e-learning and published on a wide range of technology enhanced learning initiatives. Following on from this I was responsible for leading the initial development and evaluation of a Skin Apposition Simulator using a 3D Immersive Visualisation Environment; the results from my work led to the subsequent commercialisation and widespread use of VERT as a Radiotherapy training tool. I developed my passion for Physics, Planning and CT Anatomy and led the development of CPD Short Courses in CT Anatomy, Structure outlining and IMRT planning. Following from the success of these study days I co-authored the leading textbook "CT Anatomy for Radiotherapy" which continues to enjoy strong sales internationally.

From 2011 to 2015 I was employed as Course Coordinator at Queensland University of Technology where I had full responsibility for all aspects of the Radiation Therapy Course. I forged strong collaborative relationships with national clinical educators and my fellow Program Coordinators across the country, leading to several high profile research projects including a state-wide audit of practice. While working in Queensland I led a successful funding bid for $430,000 to develop a Medical Imaging Training Immersive Environment; this allows medical imaging students to practice a range of radiographic techniques in a realistic 3D virtual environment.

In 2015 I returned to these shores and was appointed to my current position back at the University of Liverpool where I enjoy a wide range of teaching duties as well as furthering my skills, experience and research interests in simulation-based learning using VERT and ECLIPSE. Since then I have completed my PhD studies investigating the application of 3D technology to clinical radiotherapy structure outlining and led a number of major funded projects around simulation and 3D VR. I am passionate about research-connected teaching and about the increasing roles of VR and simulation for students skills training and support. In my spare time, I am the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice.