Mrs Lisa Wortley

Finance Administrator IPH Professional Services


    Personal Statement

    The Finance Team carries out day to day duties relating to the School/Institute’s finances. The team have a good knowledge of the University/Institute policies to ensure the work is carried out in the correct manner and liaises with staff to ensure they are kept up to date with finance related changes.

    The Finance Team has specific responsibility in the School/Institute for:
    • Conference/travel/hotel bookings
    • Purchasing
    • Sales Invoicing for income
    • Banking cash/cheques
    • Processing Casual Claims
    • Internal payments between departments/school
    • Non staff expenses/Payment requests
    • Reconciling charges to cost centres

    Lisa Wortley as well as her Finance role also provides HR support to the Dean and School Manager and is responsible for:

    • Sickness/Absence monitoring for all academic and professional services staff
    • Providing Administrative support for peer review process
    • Responsible for Honorary Staff Database and queries