Photo of Dr Daniel Roberts

Dr Daniel Roberts PhD, MRes, BSc

Senior Lecturer | Director MSc Research Methods Psychology


Personal Statement

Dr Roberts' research focuses on the neurocognitive bases of visual and language processing, their interconnectedness, and how these processes become disrupted (e.g., word, object, and face recognition). To achieve this, he employs a multimethod approach including cross-population behavioural studies (individuals with brain damage, developmental disorders, and those who are neurotypical), neuroimaging, awake craniotomy, and visual psychophysics (to simulate impairments in neurotypical individuals). The objectives of his research are to advance our understanding of (1) the patterns of impairments that can occur congenitally or after brain damage; (2) typical cognition and decline (e.g., healthy ageing); and (3) the neurocognitive principles that guide rehabilitation in clinical practice, including the development of new diagnostic tools and interventions.

Dr Roberts welcomes enquiries from PhD candidates (including ESRC 1+3) and postdoctoral researchers who have an interest in these areas, as well as in cognitive neuropsychology more broadly.


PhD (2010). Cognitive Neuropsychology. The University of Manchester, UK (Supervisor: Prof Matt Lambon-Ralph).
MRes (2006). Research Methods. The University of Manchester, UK (Supervisor: Prof Matt Lambon-Ralph).
BSc (2005). Psychological Sciences. The University of Manchester, UK.