Prognosis Research Group

Prognosis research group


Prognosis research provides information crucial to understanding, explaining and predicting future clinical outcomes in people with existing disease or health conditions.

We have established a research group in the area of prognosis research aimed to develop methodologies, areas of clinical application, and disseminate concepts among researchers and health care professionals. 

The group has expertise in methodologies related to the development and validation (both internal and external) of prognostic models, their application to clinical data, and the development of code in R and in other statistical packages.

Clinical Areas

  • Epilepsy – a common condition that affects the brain, and can cause frequent seizures (fits)
  • Asthma – a common lung condition that causes occasional breathing difficulties known as exacerbations (attacks)
  • Liver cirrhosis & cancer – cirrhosis is scarring of the liver caused by long-term liver damage
  • Retinal disease – damage to the light-sensing tissue that resides in the back of an eye which can affect vision to the point of blindness.


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