Health Informatics

The Department hosts the Health Informatics Group for the Faculty of Health & Life Sciences (FHLS), a multidisciplinary collaborative chaired by Professor Paula Williamson. The HI group supports the University’s rapidly expanding Health Data Science Network.

Within the Department of Biostatistics, there is a particular focus on the theme of Analytics, Methods and Standards (Prof Paula Williamson and Dr Keith Bodger). The development, validation and application of better and more consistent ways to record, extract and analyse health outcomes is an essential pre-requisite for harnessing the potential of electronic health records and health-related datasets. Members of the department are engaged in developing, sharing and using novel methodologies to enhance the way health outcomes are measured and used in clinical trials, disease registries, administrative datasets and electronic health records to support research, quality improvement and healthcare delivery.

For further information, contact Dr Keith Bodger or visit the Health Data Science Network.

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