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Professor Richard Gaskin MA BPhil DPhil

Professor Philosophy


    Personal Statement

    I am interested in language, literature, and the history of thought. I have published extensively, mainly in metaphysics, philosophy of language, history of philosophy, literary theory, aesthetics, literary criticism, and the classical tradition. My current philosophical project is a defence of linguistic idealism, the view that the world is in some sense a product of language. This has been the focus of much of my work for the last fifteen years or so, and it is also the principal theme of my recent book Language and World (Routledge, 2020). I plan to follow this book up with a study of negation and falsity, drawing particularly on the writings of Plato and Wittgenstein. In the field of literary studies I am working on a commentary on the fourth book of Virgil's Aeneid. My main non-academic pursuits, overlapping extensively with my academic interests, lie in the areas of literature, music, and the natural world. I maintain a website ( on which I mount recordings of some of my favourite pieces of poetry and prose. I was born in Glasgow and grew up in Aberdeen, where I attended Robert Gordon's College, and I have studied at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and London. I have also spent extensive periods in Germany, where my family lives, and have conducted research, under the aegis of the Humboldt Stiftung, at the universities of Mainz and Bonn. My wikipedia page is: